Open Letter From Animals Asia To The Dog Meat Traders Of Yulin

Please end the Yulin dog meat festival, which has seen the theft and slaughter of an estimated 50,000 dogs since it started.

Please stop the illegal capture and torture of dogs, and please protect consumers from meat that comes from diseased and poisoned dogs.

China is making great strides in animal welfare, but we believe this event is a stain on Yulin and the dog meat trade is a stain on the entire nation.

We urge you to cancel the upcoming festival on June 21 and to abandon the illegal dog meat trade altogether.

Thank you.

Together We Can Stop The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Just one signature can make a difference in helping save the lives of these dogs. Choose to help. Please sign our letter and tell those you know to do the same.

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Our Work

Animals Asia works in China and Vietnam to end the trade of dogs and cats for food and to improve the welfare of companion animals.

We work together with local communities, government and NGOs to help stop the trade, which is riddled with illegality. We lead a grassroots network of skilled, powerful and connected NGOs that is building national momentum towards change. In China, we're educating the next generation about animal welfare, and our therapy dogs are changing hearts and minds.

No animal lover can remain silent when they see cruelty happening in front of them. And when it is on a grand scale, it is even more important that we speak up together to end the abuse. The international outrage voiced over the Yulin festival has gone a long way to bringing this event to an end, and is helping change attitudes inside China. Thank you for adding your voice to this campaign. With your support we can continue our efforts to end the illegal dog meat trade, stop the suffering of the dogs and the families they are stolen from.

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